TradeMatchBlock® is an all to all loan trade matching platform that will allow the institutional traders in the loan market, both buy-side and sell side, to source and create liquidity by supplying a session-based dynamic, real-time all to all trade matching platform for specific assets. This platform can stand alone and be integrated to an existing trader’s display screens or displays or run within of the HashLynx Dashboard. The users will identify all the specific trade criteria for parties to review and send a “Trade Booking Record” request to the blockchain where the Booking record will be mined on the blockchain and receive a contract address and transaction ID. It will then be listed on the HashLynx Dashboard with the proper indication of interest to either buy or sell the asset. When the interested parties agree to the buy or sell transactions, the parties then book the trade by both approving the transaction in an electronic form.

Once the Smart Contract receives the approvals from both sides, the TradeMatchBlock® will automatically deploy and mine the transaction to the blockchain. When both parties agree to the terms the TradeMarchBlock will automatically follow through to settlement and allow the trade settlement process to continue. The TradeMatchBlock® will trigger and sync to the blockchain then upload the approved trade booking criteria to the LoanBlock® and or any existing in-house trading databases.

TradeMatchBlock screenshot